Beta 1.0 under its way

Hi fellow fans!

Because the next beta is taking longer than expected to be released, I figured I may as well update you on the current progress.

Tailoring system:
The next beta, version 1.0, will include the tailoring system as you can see from the screenshots. You should be able to create tops, skirts, dresses and bottoms - though some options will be very limited as it's still an early draft. When you're done with a garment, you can now select that garment to wear in the dress-up portion of the game.

Dressing up your avatar means you can change skin, eye, hair colour, as well as mixing and matching clothes for different outfits. If you're really excited about an outfit you made, you can click on the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen and take a screenshot of your avatar. You can use this image to share your designs with other fans!

Story: fans of the story, don't worry. About 10k words have been added to Neil's route, capping out at around 40k words for his script so far. You can read up and until chapter 18.

Aiden now also has gotten an official plotline for his route. Check the attached image for more information about his route. I've also written some more of Dimitri's script. He will most likely be the next bachelor that will get released.

Menu stuff: the main menu has finally gotten some attention, and most options now work. There's a volume option, CG gallery, a working save button, and even character information. Decorating/Shopping options will be disabled in this beta.

Thank you for your patience everyone! I hope you'll stick around long enough to try the next beta, which I'm eager to release. There's a few bugs we need to work out before the beta can be released, but hopefully this May we'll have a playable version for everyone.

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