Caine Prins available!

Caine's route is finally out! Go ahead and update your game through the Itch App, load your manual save file (your quick save file won't work, but it's okay, you can always create a new quick save!) and find Caine in the settings. Click on his profile and select "start new route" and you're on your way!  

For those curious, James' 1st chapter is available to be read as well. You can't start a new route with him, but you can reread his 1st chapter as it is unlocked for you.

Help, my game didn't update! If you downloaded a stand alone version of Tailor Tales and didn't install through the Itch App, then the game won't automatically update. Have no fear, you can transfer your save file! Please make sure to download the Itch App here:

Then find and download Tailor Tales in the Itch App. Follow the instructions of the video below (ignore the fact that it's talking about a Patreon version, the method of transferring save files still works). All you need to do is locate where you installed the old version of Tailor Tales, and open the folder of Tailor Tales in the Itch app.


Caine's walkthrough for important clients:


A full changelog of updates below:



  • - Caine's full route has now been added (5 hours of content)
  • - James' 1st chapter can be previewed (go to chapter selection, then reread his 1st chapter)
  • - A whole bunch of new clothing accessories are now available
  • - New clothing styles for tops and skirts have been added
  • - Geometric shapes are available as details
  • - Lots of new patterns to use
  • - New wallpaper, flooring and furniture to customize your boutique
  • - MC now has a sprite that has been added for side stories told in the love interest' point of view (Plus users only)



  • - Fixed a save file corruption error that would sometimes occur when the player tried to load their save file again, leading to an error saying "Cannot read property 'name' of null"
  • - Fixed a few layer issues with clothing that wouldn't load when you first entered the designing screen
  • - Some GPUs would cause an error with the screen after alt-tabbing and going back to the game where the screen was frozen, which has now been fixed
  • - Sprites now fade in and out without seeing the underlying layers
  • - Fixed a bug where you could select invisible colours when picking out a background for the camera mode
  • - Some players would get errors with patterns displaying incorrectly. This issue was traced to the web-GL functionality being disabled on the user' computer. If the user cannot turn web-GL back on themselves, they must switch out their package.
  • - After completing a route, players were asked if they wanted to read the other ending, but were sometimes met by the same ending regardless. It'll now set the chapter back to 25 properly so you can choose which ending to read


New features

  • - All text messages have been replaced by a phone system that can show emojis and pictures as well
  • - Players can change the size of the text to small, medium and large by clicking the AA icon
  • - Players can now date characters after completing their route (Plus users only)
  • - Dynamic tinting to account for the surroundings or time of day (orange during sunset, dark during night etc.)
  • - Background blurring whenever a character approaches you has been remade and looks blurrier
  • - Screen effects such as dashes, lights, and action lines have been added
  • - The Profile in the settings of the main menu has been reworked to add a few more options
  • - Players can now determine whether they're a virgin or not in the main menu, under Profile. Some routes (namely Caine) has slightly different dialogue based on this choice
  • - Players can determine whether they want to hear MC's soundbites during side stories or not in the main menu under settings
  • - Starting a new route, you'll be asked if you want to view the warnings and triggers for that route. Major spoilers are still hidden, so if you accidentally click yes, you will not be spoiled
  • - You can rename your brother (Ralph), who appears in James' route. His sprite will take on the MC's CG colours



  • - A few backgrounds were redrawn
  • - Gray, previously named Sam, has been reworked
  • - Aiden and Neil has had some minor updates to their sprites
  • - Some of Neil's CGs were redrawn
  • - Some of the clothing has been redrawn, namely the midi and maxi circle skirts
  • - A couple of hairstyles were redrawn



  • - The introduction tutorial has been remade and spread out as to not overwhelm new players. Returning players may stumble upon a tutorial here and there
  • - All soundbites have been organized into subfolders
  • - All backgrounds are now organized into a subfolder
  • - Some quality of life fixes (more colours grouped, certain clothing elements excluded from being randomized)


Tailor Tales v 4.0.2 Windows 947 MB
Version 3.0.5 Mar 25, 2020
Tailor Tales v 4.0.2 Mac 1 GB
Version 3.0.5 Mar 25, 2020

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I finished it in less than 24 hours. Why am I like this.

Binge reading is the best kind.

Deleted 1 year ago

For anyone else getting a missing file error like the above, please join the Discord so I can personally help you get through. Basically, you deleted a piece of clothing and exited the game without saving. Upon opening the game again, it's trying to look for the image that belongs to the clothing, but since you deleted it, you get this error.


I loved it!! He was so adorable c':  Is refreshing to see problems actually portraited as well as shitty things that are seen as romantic in other games or media, to be adressed. I  had fun with the protagonist, and it was overall cute and belivable. And I also love the stars c; 

Hey but I got an error when I finished the epilogue in the credits. When I get out and load is obviously the save before I finished the normal epilogue :s So its like if I haven't read it.


PD: I was over the moon when I saw so many possibilities in the design part! it has so much potencial <3 


Hey there, make sure to update your game again! I fixed this error before going to bed last night :)

I'm happy you enjoyed his route though! The forced kiss is definitely a trope used in any romantic media, but I always wanted to address the problems with it :P

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Caine got me fucked up