This is a small update to the game, bringing it to version 3.0.6 that adds more backgrounds to your selection when taking a screenshot of your outfit. Check them out by going to Outfit and selecting the camera icon in the top left.

It also dialed back some of the cost of gold for chapters for those that had a really high amount of tailoring exp. Though this will only go into effect when the player switches to a new route and won't influence your current active route.

Also fixed a couple of typos.

Note: quick saves become corrupted when the game has updated. Your last quick save will not work properly anymore, please use your manual save to continue playing the game and create a new quick save.


Tailor Tales v 4.0.2 Windows 947 MB
Version 3.0.6 Apr 11, 2020

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Sorry at bother you but I have a question:  the title of this   devlog  is 3.0.6 but   there is written version 3.0.5 under File on the page itch.io. Is it normal?

Version 3.0.6 is written underneath this page, and it is the version that is currently available to download. Everything is working as it should :)

Okay, thank you! <3

The curtains on the game do not open. It says loading then gives an error to retry. The error is different sometimes, but the curtains stay closed.

Hey can you let me know the exact error?

Curtains staying closed is one thing, but an actual error being shown on the screen means there's either something not loading correctly, or a file got corrupted. Can you show me a screenshot of the error, and tell me when this error happens? For example, when you start the game after clicking to load manual save etc.

It says loading error. Failed to load: audio/se//se/_menu_continue.ogg. It allows me to press the retry button.

Do you think you can reinstall the game? That seems like a file got corrupted (it's possible on Itch), hence the error. Reinstalling through Itch should leave your save file intact.

I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm getting a loading error when I try to load my manual save. I noticed a post about it on your patreon, but I don't have the funds at the moment to unlock the post (I always go back to support you every few months when I can!). Is there a fix for this, or will I have to begin a new save from scratch? Thank you!

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Sorry for the late reply!

If you're talking about a missing file error, then please follow these steps:

Open Tailor Tales' folder. Browse to this location:
Tailor Tales > www > img > pictures > Fashion > Completed
Duplicate any image in there and rename it to the missing filename that was displayed in the error (for example CLTH_00001.png).

Start TT again and click on Outfits. If there's another error with another missing filename, keep repeating the steps to duplicate a file and rename it to the one that is missing.