James' route started

With Caine's route 100% complete (releasing early 2020), it is off to start work on James!

James has been the most popular and anticipated route since the start. He has undergone a rework with a completely redesigned sprite as well as a new story.

The story takes place in an alternate reality where people have super powers and become superheroes. Joselina (age 26) is in the fashion business and creates costumes for superheroes. Her brother, Ralph (name changeable!), is a really good engineer and is always inventing new gadgets. Caine also shows up as a side character. This time he's older and has an ability of his own.

One day, a superhero crashes outside of Joselina's boutique and she goes to rescue him... She doesn't recognize this superhero yet. Who could this man with the ability to fly be?

James is a no-nonsense type of guy. He is curt, intelligent, and most of all - very powerful. He will constantly be at odds with Joselina, they can't get along. Then... Joselina is kidnapped.

Want to find out what happens next? Pledge to the Patreon to follow James' route! Or wait a year until he's complete and released for free ;)

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i like the game

Hi! Just curious as to what your progress is on James?

Is it bad that I recognized every character?! Like even Alex's mom I was like OMG NO WAY


"Or wait a year until he's complete and released for free ;)"



I feel you... Let's cry together




oh gosh why couldn't caine look like that in his route *thirst overload *

If it's any consolation, Patreons voted for a side story of Caine featuring his older sprite. So his 1st side story will use this sprite ;)