Caine's route 100% complete

Yep, his route is complete! All CGs are drawn, all chapters are written, and all Plus content is finished. Caine's route has finally come to an end.

As seen in the above screenshot, Caine's a new man; he'd do anything for you!

What does this mean? Caine's route will be 100% released for Patreons starting October. The free version will be updated a few months later. Ultimately, I'd like to update the game along with some new features, but I don't think I can make that deadline due to my programmer being busy himself. So an exact ETA on Caine's full release for and Steam is still unknown. It might be at the end of the year (2019), or early next year (2020).

However, I'll keep you posted! It was a blast to work on Caine's route and I hope everyone ends up enjoying him. I hope he steals your heart.

I'll be busy working on the next route; James.

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Also, do I have to pay monthly to unlock the plus version content or can I make a one time payment to get the extra scenes lol?


To your first question; Caine will be getting a release very soon! It will happen in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned for an actual release date.

To your second question; no, you do not have to pledge every month. You can pledge once, get the goods, and cancel your pledge if you like :) Staying on a monthly basis means you'll get an updated game and access to more content for the current character in development (James at the moment).

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Thank you! Also, if I buy the stuff now (as in before Jame's route is released) as a one time pledge, will I have to purchase again to get the extra scenes of the next character (James)?

Pledging every month means getting new updates. James is currently in development, with roughly 2 chapters released every month. If you stop pledging, you're not privy to any future content, so you do not get James' latest chapters.

So if you pledged and have access to James' chapters 1 through 10, then that's all you'll get. People stay pledged so they can get the update every month :)

Do you have an estimate of when it will be out?

When will it be put to steam?

As soon as I figure out how to create DLC on Steam. Which might take a while as there's a lot of documentation to go through that I need to set some time aside for.


😔 They all do. 

Your characterization of the personas are unique... It's my favourite in all the qualities you and your creation have.

 They all manage to steal our poor little hearts...


jsjsjsj I can't wait to see my boy!!!!



You wrote faster than I thought o.o

Okay, it was 50% since April, but it's fast imo. Even if non-Patron will get it a lot later, but this is assuring! I will get to read a new route! Good work :D

Please reward yourself. This is an accomplishment afterall.


Thanks! I average about 2 to 3 chapters a month (writing, drawing, and eventually coding), which if you take into account there are 30 chapters in total (26 & 27 are actually 4 chapters), then it takes me roughly 12 months to complete a route. So yep, a year.

James will most likely take longer because he just has a bigger story. But I'll be working on him starting October :)

So excited for the update!  Will the plus version be available to purchase on steam/itch in the future?  I'd like to buy it, but don't have the funds for re-upping a Patreon every time it gets updated (that being said I would understand if there's a delay between the Patreon updates of plus and the retail ones).

It will eventually! I just have to figure out the logistics of it since Itch doesn't support DLC and Steam is a nightmare with documentation. There will be a lag though (Patreon will be ahead).