James' release date

James finally has a release date! He will be free to play on Steam and Itch on July 18th, 2021. Can’t wait? His route is fully available on Patreon, including the Plus DLC which contains his last two CGs.

James is unlike the other routes in Tailor Tales, being twice as long and focusing on fantasy elements this time around. Each route in Tailor Tales is unique, which is definitely represented with James. It will take roughly 10 to 12 hours to complete his route.

Route synopsis
In an alternate world where people have superpowers, Joselina (you) has one of her own. However, instead of fighting crime, she uses it to create superhero suits for the actual superheroes. One day during an attack on the city, a superhero crash lands in front of her boutique and she saves him.

…But he isn’t a hero – he’s a villain.


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If it's alright. Could I record my game play and put it on my YouTube? I will link you, the game and take absolutely no credit, that will remain with you and all those involved with the game. I'll give links to the game here and on steam, even link your patron.

It's up to you. Thank you for reading and please have a good day.

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Do we know what time on july 18 2021? and time zone? super excited! 

thank you creator's of the game! 


That's what I want to know! I keep checking but James isn't available yet!


ahhhh!!! im excited for it already 

Are you still planning on releasing Plus as a DLC on Steam eventually?

I'm absolutely looking forward to James :) Though my heart will always belong to Dimitri.


Neil's and Dimitri's DLC will be worked on after James' release :) the process usually takes much longer because it's 18+ and needs to be reviewed by a Steam employee, and I have to make sure the game is running the DLC correctly.

I'm crossing fingers and toes that it goes quickly for you :) I am very excited and looking forward to the rest of the guys and Plus ;)

This is releasing on my birthday and I am so excited :)


FINALLY!! I want to play James route so bad T_T 

Thank u Celiana!


Caine is the love of my life, but what can I do when James is a Villain with fangs.


 -Please, eat me sir. (kinky)

-I love Caine, and it can only be him, so fuck off. (Caine supremacy)

-Let's do a threesome already. (clever)

Sorry, but I can't help being a simp for Caine.

I thank you every day for his existence, and pray for your health and comfort so you can be as happy as I since playing this wholesome, heart fluttering, addicting game.

Love ya(❤´艸`❤)

Caine is my favourite so far too ❤


Yes! Yes! YESSSSS!

His route was the one I most anticipated.


OH DAMN YES!! 😂😂😂 Thank you, Celianna!