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Tailor Tales is an otome game with elements of fashion design.

It is a visual novel, with routes for guys to romance. These routes are divided into chapters, each chapter costing money to proceed. Money can be earned by designing clothes for clients.

You play the part of Joselina, an aspiring tailor who has just bought a boutique. She will run into many guys that will entangle themselves in her life, and each route has its own unique plot.

In this beta, only the visual novel part of the game is available. Chapters 1 through 12 of Neil's route are available for you to test and give feedback on. Everything else is not available to test. There are 3 CGs available in his current route.

There are no bad endings and no wrong answers, please choose an answer based on your own personality.

Current version: beta 0.2

Current runtime of the beta: about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

For more info, check the blog.

For those that have played the beta, here are some questions:

  • Did you like the added sound bites for Neil, the sighs and grunts? Or would you prefer to do without?
  • Do you think the backgrounds are interesting enough?
  • Do you like the new scene added with the grandma? (if you've played the first beta only)
  • Would you prefer an actual drawn portrait sprite for the grandma?
  • How long did it take you to complete chapters 1 through 12?
  • How many fierce points and kind points did you score at the end?

SPOILERS BELOW!! For those that haven't played yet, please do not read these questions:

  • Were you initially fooled during chapter 12, thinking it was Neil?
  • Did it become obvious the black haired man was Neil instead?
  • Do you like or hate Neil's new sprite?
  • Did you spot the falling star?
  • Did you like the CGs and which one was your favourite?
  • Did the second CG properly display your selected hair colour and skin tone?
  • Did your opinion of Neil change? Do you like him more now, or hate him even more?
  • Do you want to know what happens next?

Install instructions

Unzip the file, and click on game.exe to play. Windows only. Please use WinRAR to open .rar files.


Tailor Tales Beta 0.2.rar (311 MB)


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Did you like the added sound bites for Neil, the sighs and grunts? Or would you prefer to do without?

YES, like they were really cute tbh

  • Do you think the backgrounds are interesting enough?
  • I don't usually notice backgrounds but I did like these a lot !
  • Would you prefer an actual drawn portrait sprite for the grandma?
  • I loved the grandma she was so sweet buuuut it doesn't really bother me to not have a sprite for her
  • How long did it take you to complete chapters 1 through 12?
  • like an hour or two?
  • How many fierce points and kind points did you score at the end?
  • I scored 14 fierce points and 4 kind lmao I wasn't super nice


    • Were you initially fooled during chapter 12, thinking it was Neil?
    I THOUGHT IT WAS HIM AND I WAS LIKE????? how does he not recognize me
    • Did it become obvious the black haired man was Neil instead?
    i remember reading about Neil having a cousin he adores and so when the drunk girl came over telling me to meet her cousin and it wasn't Neil (or i thought it wasn't) i was like is the black haired guy Neil's brother??? BUT after we find out the other purple haired guy isn't Neil i was like omg it's the other dude
    • Do you like or hate Neil's new sprite?
    I LOVE IT!! he's hair is so cute i cry
    • Did you spot the falling star?
    nope lol
    • Did you like the CGs and which one was your favourite?
    i loved the cgs and HONESTLYYY where MC fell on top of him is my fave i loved teasing the poor kiddo
    • Did the second CG properly display your selected hair colour and skin tone?
    yep it did!
    • Did your opinion of Neil change? Do you like him more now, or hate him even more?
    mmm, i'm kinda mixed. i wanted to slap at first but started liking him the more i saw him as his awkward self but then he's kissing the MC without telling her who he is and i'm like ?? but he's gotta have a good reason.. like's he's not a terrible dude.
    • Do you want to know what happens next?
    YES YES YES i gotta know why Neil did what he did... Also i feel pretty bad for slapping him now lol

    i might have done something wrong but it says I need to open an app or something to play? there was no file to be unzipped?

    Hi there! This is a .rar file, and needs to be unzipped using WinRAR, as it's not native to Windows. Let me know if it worked out.

    yes tysm it worked !

    oh, right! questions! let's see

    1) oh yes, I quite enjoyed! do not take them out!!
    2) the backgrounds are quite nice! well done!!
    3) did not play the first beta.
    4) couldn't hurt,
    5) I have no idea, all I know is that I'm rather sad now that it's over. XD
    6) for a little bit.
    7a) (I KIND of read the first spoilers question by pure accident. but then forgot about it)
    7b) I realized it when 'Neil' started acting a bit different from usual, after meeting black-haired princely guy, it all clicked.
    8) never saw the old one, but I quite like the current one!
    9) YES! I did, actually! nice touch!!
    10) most definitely. favorite one? ooh, that's a toughy... if we're going on first reaction, I'd have to say the second one, it made me laugh quite a bit XD. the first one was simply ADORABLE how he was hiding behind his computer! X3
    11)to be perfectly honest...I was entirely too focused on Neil to even notice! HAHAHA!!
    12) yes, in fact he almost reminds me of a more snarky Lord Sesshomaru (from the anime Inuyasha)

    when I first came across this game, and looked at the guys, I was initially interested in james morgan the most. (perhaps because his hair style is so similar to kaoru Karishima? he looks hot, (but so does Neil) I'll admit that right now!! XD)

    Thank you for your feedback!

    As for the slap option, you have my male friends to thank for this - they all wanted to punch the guy. Frankly I didn't want to add it - I don't really want to condone any kind of violence, man on woman or woman on man or whatever, but the clear majority wanted this option. But I'm happy to see you got the MC to act like you wanted to act :)

    Happy to hear that you spotted the falling star, and like the blinking CGs as well!

    Oh, and before you beg for chapter 13, I'll spoil it for you and let you know that there is zero resolution in chapter 13 from chapter 12. Actually, let me count. Ah yes, chapter 16 is what you want :D The next beta should have at least up until chapter 16 to satisfy your needs!

    I guess you could compare Neil to a way more emotional Sesshomaru - one that actually has his shy moments. The fun thing about Neil is that he's the mean archetype in otome games, but in Tailor Tales, you can finally tease him back (I really hate meek MCs from Voltage).

    And James seems to remain a fan favourite. Damnit, I want my other characters to get some love too XD

    chapter 16, eh? oh, god.....I think I fangirled a little...(or rather a lot, my dog is now searching my room because of my loud squeals, she thinks there's a mouse somewhere...lol)

    if it makes you feel any better aiden's last name made me quite very happy. SIE SIND DAS ESSEN UND WIR SIND DIE JAEGER!!

    I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself...XD

    would it be too much to ask for a general ETA?

    I'm currently adding in chapter 16, which requires a couple of new backgrounds and one CG, so I'll need to finish those. Hopefully early next month I can release the next beta. I'd like to be able to add up to chapter 18, since it doesn't require anything new to be drawn, but we'll see. There are about 30 chapters by the way, with the last one being the epilogue :)


    Good news is, the next beta is on its way, and it'll include the first draft of the clothing system! I am hoping to release it next week.

    YAAAAAAY!!!!! oh god...I'm FANGIRLING SO MUCH!!

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    I just HAD to make a comment here.

    I get to the first CG, everything looks normal, then Neil BLINKS actually BLINKS

    I don't know why that stunned me so much but I pointed at my laptop screen and exclaimed, "HE BLINKED! HAHAHA! OH MY GOD!!!"

    in the last chapter, after the dance and the kiss I was like I want to slap him. then I was given the choice TO SLAP HIM! I have never felt such a rush of victorious adrenaline before, XD. oh my god...best moment in an otome ever!! (and I've played pretty much every otome I can get my hands on. including amnesia memories, and many voltage apps.)

    NO!!! GIVE ME CHAPTER 13!!! I NEED IT!! PLEASE! damnit....XD

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    1. Yes, made for a more immersive experience

    2. I think so, but the more detailed the better!

    3/4. I do! I think it is worth a sprite, considering how important she is to the player. I love how she sparked the player's interest in fashion, that's a nice touch!

    5. I think just under 30 min?

    6. 14 fierce points! I realised quite early on that Neil doesn't really respond to politeness, if anything he shows even more contempt towards the player :( I found him quite unlikeable at first but I see potential for a character arc which I look forward to :)

    7. Yes I was completely fooled!

    8. It didn't become obvious to me until the second time we saw the purple haired dude in the garden and he called her crazy, I thought Neil was just giving her the cold shoulder to provoke a reaction until then. I thought the black haired dude was a love rival XD

    9. I preferred Neil's old hairstyle to be honest, but I definitely don't hate the new one!

    10. I did see the star! I didn't think too much into it, I thought it was a nice visual though. Is it significant later on???

    11. My favourite was the last one when Neil is finally revealed! I like your drawing style, and the girls' bodies are realistically proportioned <3 Sarah is so pretty I love her

    12. Yes, displayed perfectly imo :)

    13. I am glad he is capable of being romantic and treating someone with respect, but I wonder why he is only able to do it with a mask? I don't know what to think of him yet, I will have to see...

    14. YES! Perfect ending for the demo because it leaves you with so many questions.

    A couple of things to add:

    - I would love to see the dress the player made in the final version, the description makes it sound so beautiful!

    - I enjoyed the music <3 it added tension in the right places

    Woa, under 30 minutes? That's super fast! I tried clocking myself reading at average speed, and I got about an hour and 15 minutes, and someone else got an hour and a half, so I went with 1:30 runtime. But three times as fast is quite a feat!

    I will see about creating a real sprite for the grandma. The issue is that she needs to look like the player, so that'll be quite a few combinations for a character that only appears once.

    You're right about Neil responding even worse sometimes when you try to be nice to him. He enjoys it much more when you bicker with him.

    The star is just an extra little touch to add some liveliness to the background, and see who paid attention and who didn't :) you're the second one to spot it!

    If you like Sarah, you may be interested in knowing I might make her an option to date.

    As for the dress, yes you'll get to see it! It's just not a feature in the game yet, but it is planned. Eventually you need to dress up your character in a certain way before you can proceed to read a chapter.

    Thank you for your feedback :)

    I loved this! THAT CLIFFHANGER THOUGH. I almost screamed. I look forward to playing a full version, it looks like it will be really great. I think the clothing aspects like the designing sounds fun. I finished with 5 fierce points and 13 kindness point.

    I know it's a WIP so things will change, but the only things I really thought needed improved were the backgrounds (they seem kind of generic and vague) so maybe some more detail would be nice. I also was wondering why there wasn't a sweet little grandma sprite.

    I loved the masquerade party, and the twisties. ;p I'm gonna write about the demo in my blog, so I'll come back and link to it when I get it finished, but I am really looking forward to a full version of this game.

    Here I'll answer the above questions also:

    • Were you initially fooled during chapter 12, thinking it was Neil? -Up until the mysterious character was introduced. The clothes gave it away, since MC said she expected him to just be in a diamond cape (or something like that). So the flashy outfit gave him away.
    • Did it become obvious the black haired man was Neil instead? - Yep
    • Do you like or hate Neil's new sprite? -I like it, but purple is my favorite color so I gotta say I miss the purple hair.
    • Did you spot the falling star? -No! :o
    • Did you like the CGs and which one was your favourite? -I liked the CGs :) Especially the one when Neil was trying to hide behind his laptop
    • Did the second CG properly display your selected hair colour and skin tone? - yes! Light skin, red hair.
    • Did your opinion of Neil change? Do you like him more now, or hate him even more? - I don't know. I never DIDN'T like Neil. I guess I like him more, because he was able to open up and express his feelings (even if it was at a masquerade in a cowardly fashion)
    • Do you want to know what happens next? -Uh, YES. Sign me up!

    Ahh, the cliffhanger haha. To be honest I didn't stop there on purpose. Getting chapter 12 out took a lot of work since there's so many new sprites and backgrounds, and it was 5k words long as well. I figured it would be a good stopping point to get more feedback before I continue. No worries, Neil's script is 100% finished, I just need to add it to the game :)

    Happy to see you weren't fooled by the new sprite and you managed to spot the hints! Indeed, Neil was going to show up with a flashy outfit, and the fake Neil isn't flashy enough! Then there's the cousin - to the people who read my blog, they would know Neil has a cousin. Lots of other subtle hints in his speech as well.

    I think you're the first one to say you liked Neil from the beginning - he is after all, quite an asshole to you at certain points. The next few chapters should slowly bring a change to this.

    Thanks for playing! Be on the lookout for the next beta :)

    As to why I liked Neil from the beginning--I'm a glutton for punishment! lol No, but I love seeing characters make a change, and indeed Neil seems to be making a change. It's a trope that I'm rather fond of, to show that people can change.

    I also had a question... this beta is undoubtedly a visual novel styled game. I looked on your website for promotional things (since I plan on posting about this game in my blog) but the promotional poster seems starkly different than the beta that I played here. So I'm curious as to whether the game has made drastic changes to this point, or whether you plan to stick to the "harvest moon" style game that showed on the promotional poster?

    Tailor Tales has been in the making for 8 years now, currently undergoing the third revision. The promotional materials are for the old version, I still need to change it.

    It was meant to be a free overworld type game like Harvest Moon, and you would go out and collect materials you'd use for your tailoring. You can check out early videos here. But it was a tremendous amount of work getting all the NPC schedules to not conflict, and to have a romantic story be present chronologically. It was hard for me to balance the story VS being able to talk to a sprite at any time you want (what if you were fighting in the story, but you can just walk up to him and say hi like nothing happened?), and the inconsistency made me scrap the project altogether. I turned it into a visual novel instead, so I have full control of where the story is going.

    I'm sad I had to get rid of the overworld, because it is still a neat idea - but the current version is actually making tremendous process, and it's way more romantic. The clothing system is also a hundred times more complex. It's for the better :)

    Hey thanks for a cute short demo! That cliffhanger though :< Haha but it made me want to know what happens so I guess it worked! Here are my thoughts (I mean them purely constructively and mean zero offence if it comes off that way!):

    The sound bites - for me personally, they were too short to really affect whether I liked it or not. In some scenarios like the teasing ones, they added something extra to the comedic effect, but I think the music does that fine enough.

    The backgrounds are mostly okay, but more detail would be nice. Especially for the large blocks of colour/shapes, something to break them up would add depth. I think something like the home screen is great, it has smaller objects that break up the huge pink and white spaces.

    A grandma sprite would be good, especially if it was an important scene to the MC. The demo took me about 30-45 minutes and I got 10 fierce and 8 points :>

    I figured out it was Neil pretty quickly after the cousin introduced him, though I can't pinpoint a reason haha. I really like his new sprite, it suits his grownup character much more than the purple hair! CGs were great too, the 2nd CG displayed my skin/hair correctly. I liked the motion in there - the one with the laptop is so cute :>

    WIP for sure but I did enjoy it! I was disappointed that only the story was available for now, so I'm looking forward to what you come out with next!

    Thank you for playing and your feedback! :) Glad to hear you enjoyed it so far and you're curious what's going to happen next.

    I will see about adding a few more details to a couple of backgrounds.