A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Tailor Tales is an otome game with elements of fashion design. Experience a heart pounding romance!

Set in a fictional European country, play as Joselina and choose to be either fierce or kind as you run your own boutique. Which guy do you want to romance? With no common route and each character having a unique story, it's all up to you.

Routes are divided into chapters. Each chapter can be unlocked by purchasing it with in-game gold. You can earn gold by completing client requests and making clothes.

There are no bad endings and no wrong answers, please choose according to your own personality.

  • Design your own clothes
  • Customize your avatar and dress her up
  • Unique romantic stories per love interest
  • Choose whether to act fierce or kind
  • 2 endings for each bachelor (no bad endings!)
  • 9 CGs per bachelor
  • Partial voice acting
  • Estimated 100k words per route (4-5 hours of gameplay)
  • And it's free to play!

Currently released routes:
- Neil
- Dimitri
- Caine

Current version: 3.0.6

Current runtime: ± 15 hours (310k words, or 5 hours per route)

Rating: ages 16+. Contains swear words, alcohol abuse, long make-out scenes, scenes alluding to sexual conduct.

Next bachelor to be released: James. Roughly early 2021.

Join the Tailor Tales discord to discuss with other fans!

Mac is not officially supported as it needs permissions to overwrite files. Please check the Mac installation instructions on how to get Tailor Tales to work on your Mac.

Tailor Tales Plus is the 18+ version of the game. It contains a longer epilogue with sexual content. The free version does not contain ANY sexual content. If you want to read the steamy sex scenes, you'll have to get Tailor Tales Plus.

For more information check here.

Tailor Tales Plus is currently only available via Patreon.

Install instructions

Make sure you install the Itch app so you can download Tailor Tales through it and always be up to date!

Windows users:
Open the download link through the Itch app and let it install for you.

Mac users:
Let Itch install the game for you. If you encounter an error when you try to create a character at the beginning of the game, please follow these steps:

- Click the Apple Icon in the top left corner.
- Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > and allow the game to take control of your computer (checkmark must be off)
- Play the game again

If that still didn't work, you can try out this:
- Locate the folder Tailor Tales\Game.app\Contents\MacOS
- Open up the game by clicking the file  "nwjs". This should open the debug window as well, simply minimize it and play the game as normal!


Tailor Tales v 3.0.6 Windows 516 MB
Version 3.0.6 Oct 30, 2020
Tailor Tales v 3.0.5 Mac 650 MB
Version 3.0.5 Aug 14, 2020

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