A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Tailor Tales is an otome game with elements of fashion design.

It is a visual novel, with routes for guys to romance. These routes are divided into chapters, each chapter costing money to proceed. Money can be earned by designing clothes for clients.

You play the part of Joselina, an aspiring tailor who has just bought a boutique. She will run into many guys that will entangle themselves in her life, and each route has its own unique plot.

There are no bad endings and no wrong answers, please choose an answer based on your own personality.

In this beta version, you are in God Mode so all items are given to you and there are no restrictions on reading the story. You can play the first 20 chapters of Neil's route, as well as the first 3 of Dimitri's route. You can create some clothing, but not everything is available yet.

Current version: beta 1.2

Current runtime of the beta: about 2.5 hours (63k words)

Mac version is not guaranteed to work, please let me know if you run into any bugs.

For more info, check the blog.


For those that have played the beta, here are some questions:

1. Are you enjoying Neil's route, do you still like him/hate him?
2. How many fierce and kind points did you score for Neil?
3. How long did it take you to finish Neil's first 20 chapters?
4. What are your thoughts on Dimitri?
5. How long did it take you to finish Dimitri's first 3 chapters?
6. Who's your favourite guy out of Neil and Dimitri?
7. What's your favourite CG?
8. What's your favourite chapter or scene?
9. Which part made you actually feel happy/angry/flustered?
10. What did you like more, creating clothes, dressing up the avatar, or reading the story?
11. Even though Neil and Dimitri are the only two available options right now, who else are you interested in?
12. Overall comments about the game? Art? Writing? You name it!

Install instructions

Unzip the file, and click on game.exe to play. Windows only at the moment.


Tailor Tales Beta 1.2 Mac (595 MB)
Tailor Tales Beta 1.2 (479 MB)

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