Update 4.0.2

James is out now!

In an alternate world where people have superpowers, Joselina (you) has one of her own. However, instead of fighting crime, she uses it to create superhero suits for the actual superheroes. One day during an attack on the city, a superhero crash lands in front of her boutique and she saves him.

…But he isn’t a hero – he’s a villain.

James has a unique perk where your name gets voiced if it belongs to one of the 200 names this list, including the default name.

Starting James' route
Let the update run its course in the Itch app, then load your manual save file. You can access James' route by clicking the cogwheel for Settings, click Characters and select James. Here you can start a new route.

Don't have the game on the Itch app and have a standalone version? Simply download the new game from this page, and then add it to the same location as where you installed Tailor Tales. Make sure to replace everything. Your save file and custom clothes will remain intact.

James' Walkthrough

When you start up the game you may notice an influx of achievements being unlocked. Each achievement rewards you with a unique outfit. You can find these in your Outfits in the appropriate categories.

Gray & Aiden
The upcoming two routes, Gray and Aiden, are currently in development. You can try out their first chapter by rereading them in their chapter selection for a preview! Their release dates are set sometime 2022.

Technical support
You may encounter an error that says a file is missing. That means the update didn't fully download. Unfortunately there is no way to force the Itch app to validate the files. However, you can make Itch reinstall the game, your save file will remain in tact.

Got any other error? Please report this in the bug report thread, or visit the Discord for immediate help.

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btw this visual novel is a gem thank you for the interesting and good visual novel, I'm so grateful for your work!!

The first chapter for Gray and Aiden are saying theyre not available for me still! How can I fix this?

You must select 'reread' to read them.

Waaaait is Gray available already??! I was waiting for his route for 3 years now

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I'm loving it so far just wondering if I can mute the voice sounds? it's fine either way

Also where do I buy shirts, pants and jackets for the MC ingame? I'm trying to find it but can't but can only find it for the clients 

You can press F1 to turn down all SE (sound effects) for the game, this includes the voices.

As for clothing - you don't buy clothing for your avatar. You make them yourself (freestyle) and then wear them :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry at bother you but   is the Side Story for James released, please?


James does not have a side story yet, but will in the future. Currently only Neil, Caine and Dimitri have side stories.

Okay, thank you! I wasn't sure if the info on the Patreon page was up to date. 

I think I'll wait for James' side story to come out before I sign up for Patreon, especially since I just found out that a game I've been waiting for has just come out unexpectedly!

Anyway, thank you for answering me and good luck for the rest! ^^b


I’ve created an account just to praise how much I love Tailor Tales, I started playing after Dimitri’s route came out and became obsessed! James though for sure became my favorite route after his came out! I love the outfits you had for all characters too!

First, I haven't finished james's route. :3

Second, I can read and understand but can not speak or write english very well.

But I was too happy to see  YOU KWON WHO at the boutique, I like  more YOU KNOW WHO than James. I am fangirl mode now, full ten minutes. He is a sweet guy. I say no more. I have to see his reaction.  I like the dark theme.

And I see the new guy in the list, isekia has come to tailor tales. His eyes make me think about a falcon. Will you add more bachelors apart of the new guy? owo?

do i have to redownload the whole game and start over? sorry lol im new to all this

If you don't have Tailor Tales installed through the Itch app, what you can do it this:
-Download the latest version from this page
- Find the old location of Tailor Tales
- Replace ALL of the files from the old version with your newest downloaded version. Yes, just copy & paste all files in your old location and hit replace
- You should now be able to play the game using your old save file!

thank you so much!! i love this gameee!

My apologies for anyone who downloaded this just as it was released! A few notifications were left behind when bug testing for the final build - remnants of my programmer with some off humour.

Any prompts or notifications should now be removed and the game is working as intended if you let Itch update it.