Bug patching

Since the release, people have been coming across a couple of bugs, namely the missing files.

Basically, when you selected the 2nd skin tone when creating your avatar, or selected red eyes, then any CG with the MC in it would not work correctly and it would throw up a missing file error.

This has since been patched! Make sure you've installed Tailor Tales through the Itch app, so that you can receive the update and continue to use your save file. Make sure to reset your avatar by going to your in-game Settings > Profile > CG Colours and pick out your colours once more and click finished. That should fix it!

Another bug that was raised has not yet been fixed, though it's a pretty rare bug. Basically when you delete a clothing item you're already wearing, then exit out of Outfit without confirming your changes, your avatar will still be wearing the deleted item. But when it tries to load the graphic for that item, it will be missing.

For now, when you delete items, make sure you save your changes when exiting out of Outfit!

If anyone comes across any errors, please mention them to me. no need to reinstall the game or anything, I will do my best to fix them :)

I can't support Mac though, so I'm sorry if you run into any issues there.

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