Update released!

Tailor Tales is officially released and out of early access!

Please download the Itch app and install Tailor Tales through Itch to get continuous updates. Your previous save file from 1.4 will NOT work, you must start a new game.

Neil's and Dimitri's route are 100% completed, with the rest of the planned bachelors coming out in installments. Tailor Tales will get updated with each newly completed route. The next character to be released is Caine, you are free to read his 1st chapter to get a preview for him. Simply go to your Settings > Character > Caine > Story > select his 1st chapter > reread.

For returning players, you get freebies! Go to your Settings > Gift and type in the password "earlybird" to unlock Neil's route and Dimitri's first 7 chapters!

Remember, you must set a character to your main route to be able to continue reading any chapters you haven't unlocked yet. If you want to start on Dimitri's route, beginning with his 7th chapter, go to Settings > Character > Dimitri > Story > select his 7th chapter > start new route.

This is such a huge release and I worked so hard to get it done. Thank you for all your support and kind words, please, enjoy the game.

Remember to check out the Patreon if you wish to support me and get access to more Caine content, as well as the adult portion of the game.


Tailor Tales v 4.0.2 Windows 947 MB
Version 2.0.0 Jan 06, 2019
Tailor Tales v 4.0.2 Mac 1 GB
Version 2.0.0 Jan 06, 2019

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Hi! Quick question. I've seen on the pictures you've uploaded that there are more options fro creating outfits that I don't seem to have access too, such as the skirt options princess, slit, and high waist. There's also other belt options that I don't seem to have like a  ruffled belt. I am just wondering if there was an update that happened, or if I have to re-download the game.

There's an early access version available on my Patreon that has all of the current clothing items in it. The version you're playing on Itch.io is a build from almost a year ago now, which is definitely not up to date on current items.

You'll have to wait until the public free version gets updated again, which should be early 2020 :)


Enjoooooy! Seems most people take around 10 hours to finish both routes!

Okay, now that I've played through both Neil and Dimitri's routes, I just had to comment on what a wonderful job you did with their stories <3 I loved both of their personalities, but Dimitri edges Neil out cause I felt like his had more resolution to the conflict (of his brother&parents) than Neil did (with his parents and job) and character development. I also loved the Plus version and I'm glad I was able to play it too! (albeit took me forever to figure it out since I have a Mac) Looking forward to the next character update! :D

Hi ! So, I was wondering, would it be possible to have important clients in the plus version, like an option or something ? Because I really enjoy designing things for them, but I also want the bonus content... Don't know how much work that would be for you though ^^'

I could add important clients, yes, but chapters would still remain unlocked (since it is a perk to play without having to care about designing). Basically you'd have to seek out the important clients yourself and you can do one at a time, maybe. I'll think about it :)

Thanks !!! I love your work btw ^^ I decided I would wait for the itchio plus version, but the new chapters were too good for me to keep resisting temptation xD

I don't know if you've been notified already but for me, at least, there's a glitch for all the cgs in Dmitri's route, I'm pretty much invisible except for hair and eyes lol. The error notification comes on every second when they happen so I have to get through the scene, save, exit out and then open the game again to get it to go away.

Have you tried updating? Once the game has updated, go to Settings > Profile > CG Colours. Set your colours again. This should fix it, because the 2nd skintone was missing.

This might seem like a stupid doubt but can anybody please explain where or how do i find the yellow sundress to open dimitri chapter 8

You will put it on in the outfit section once you have created it for the important client.

Once you've completed the client, you will be gifted the dress and you can locate it in your Outfit section (under Outfits). You must wear it to continue the next chapter :)

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Anyway to load up our save from before the update? I tried to click load at start up but it just froze after a few seconds. Really wanna play through the rest of Dimitri's so I guess I'll just start again and try that code.

Your previous save file will NOT work! This is an entirely new version of the game and in no way compatible with version 1.4.

Please, start a new game. You can use the password "earlybird" in Settings > Gift to unlock Dimitri's chapters 1-7 so you don't have to replay them again.

Ah yes I thought so and went ahead and did that. The password was a great idea so thanks for including that with the release!

I love how much work you put into this update! It runs much smoother on my laptop, and I really enjoyed the stories!!

I'm really happy to hear that it runs better this time around! Trying to optimize the game so it doesn't take up much memory took us months of hard work (and we're still patching bugs for it, ahahaha).

Sorry, I know this sounds kind of dumb but I was wondering if there is a way to save the images or full screen the game so I can screenshot the CGs?

Just simply press the PrtScn button on your keyboard. The image will then be saved in your Local Files > Tailor Tales > www > Screenshots.

You can browse your local files by opening the Itch app, click on Tailor Tales, and at the bottom right corner it should say "show local files" so you can open the correct folder :)

Thank you so much, you were really helpful! The game is great  :) 

I can't seem to open the game a message keeps popping up saying "the procedure entry point TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive could not be locatedin the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. 


This seems to be an issue with your Windows. You may want to follow the steps on this video.

Thank you but unfortunately it does not work.I really love your work but   .......sigh

I suggest doing some Google detective work on your own to fix the KERNEL32.dll issue (as it's a Window issue). You may want to run some anti-malware software as well, such as Malwarebytes, a free anti-malware software.

Damn I was hoping to avoid any potential bugs in the Mac version by constantly saving and reloading, but rip I couldn't even get past the avatar creation screen before getting an error message. 

Yep, that's a Mac specific bug - basically Mac isn't allowing Tailor Tales to overwrite a certain file (the avatar). Sadly this is also the reason I cannot officially support the Mac version. You can try googling the issue with Mac needing to give permission to unauthorized apps, perhaps it will yield some results.

I figured it out based on your recommendation! (For anyone wondering, its the apple icon in the upper left hand corner > System Preferences > Security&Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > And add the game app to control your computer and check off the box for it) And also didn't encounter any bugs along the way :D 

That's some good  information for others! I hope this means other Mac users can continue to play the game. Thank you for writing the reply :)

It sadly didn't fix my problem completely, but it's a good idea, since it might limit further problem.  Anyway, for anyone with the "private/var/folders..." error about "translocation" during the avatar creation on MAC, the way I fixed it was moving the game app itself out of the folder and into the "applications" folder, and then opening the game via Finder. It's apparently due to a security feature from Mac 10.12.


For mac the program will not open in the 2.0 version only the 1.4 version still :( but I know the game is going to be great! You are doing great Celianna <3

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RIP, that was extremely short lived.

There is honestly nothing I can do about that unless someone who owns RPG Maker MV and is a Mac user can contact me.

Edit: actually, try again! It seems the old file for Mac was available for download, instead of the latest one.

It works & It's amazing! Serious the detail you put in this game is so lovely. I love the new sound effects when selecting choices and even the slow scroll when changing background is such a nice touch. Your work is seriously amazing :,) 


Oh yay I'm happy it seemed to work! And aww thank you for mentioning those details! I polished a lot of things in the game, including those smooth screen transitions (not to mention the pink curtain), better choices (with sounds!) for fierce/kind, a night mode option for the text box, characters breathing and lip syncing to their dialogue etc.

Happy to see you're enjoying it ^^