Tailor Tales getting an update on January the 5th

Tailor Tales is getting its latest update on the 5th of January! A Mac version will be released at the same time, but as always, it's not officially supported. So if it doesn't work on your Mac, I sadly cannot offer you any solutions. You will have to delete your old version of Tailor Tales and you cannot carry over your old save file. However, I'll be releasing this new update with a password to unlock Neil's route, as well as Dimitri's first 7 chapters :)

What does this update contain? Well, here's a long list for you:

- Optimized for lower end computers; Tailor Tales now uses about 400-500MB of memory (compared to 1GB before)
- Improved menu with a lot more options
- Colours are even more grouped so it should be easier getting the right colour for clothes
- Characters now have an extra sprite for extreme close-ups during kissing scenes
- Quick Save & Quick Load are now available during the story
- On that note, hitting F1 will bring up your volume controls which you can change t any points during the game
- Hit the shift button to hide the text box
- Night mode for light on dark reading
- Characters now breathe and their lips are synced to their speech
- Improved the fierce/kind choices to make it more obvious which one you're picking
- You can now check your fierce/kind tally in the main menu by clicking your Profile
- New scene transitions
- New blurring method
- Ending CGs for each character
- Neil's route has more content and one extra CG since the last version
- A cell phone now shows up whenever you're on the phone
- You can now change your outfit for Plus side stories
- You can also change the wallpaper of your cell phone
- Various amount of bug fixes and polishing the game
- Your save file (from now on) will carry over to the next update

And of course, as to actual content:
- Neil's complete route (80k words)
- Dimitri's complete route (110k words)
- Caine's 1st chapter

You may notice you're able to change your outfit in the menu, this is a Plus perk basically, it has no use in the free version. There will be side stories in the future told from the guy's Point of View, and you can see the MC's sprite on the screen. You can basically choose which outfit she wears for these stories. Since side stories are a Plus perk, it does not show up in the free version.

Remember that the free version of Tailor Tales does not include 18+ content, and it has a shorter epilogue. It also doesn't have the last CG for each character. You will have to get Tailor Tales Plus to unlock the 18+ content and the last CG.

Currently there is no ETA on Tailor Tales Plus here on itch.io, though it will be made available sometime. However, at the moment, you can only obtain Tailor Tales Plus via the Patreon.

It's strongly recommended you download Tailor Tales through the Itch app so that you'll be able to keep using your save file when the game gets updated.

Anyways, see you on the 5th!

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hey, I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the new updates out and if so how do I get it

i can't wait to play the new version!! thank u for ur hard work <3

If you don't release the new update soon i will die!!!

Oooh I'm so excited! I've been waiting for a "lower end computer" update! I'm also looking forward to finishing Dimitri's route ;)

It should run a lot better this time! There are now loading screens to make sure there it doesn't take up a lot of RAM anymore :)

What time does it release tomorrow?

I don't have a specific time, sorry! I'm still working out bugs and want to make sure I release a working game :D

Is there a way I can pay for multiple months at one time. Like can I pay enough for 3 months and not have to pay again until the 3 months are up?

Unfortunately Patreon doesn't work that way in advance, it charges you on the 1st of each month.

If you buy the plus version through Patreon, will you be eligible to get the new plus versions when they come out without paying again or do you only get access to the plus version the month (s) you are subscribed at that level?

(1 edit)

Right now it is indeed a subscription. You pay for that month's content. If you stop being a Patron, you won't be able to get any new content. You're still able to play the content you've pledged for, and in the future if you want to re-pledge, the game will update for you with new content.

It's basically a way to personally support me and get early access to the game :)

The Tailor Tales Plus that will get released on itch.io (sometime) will be a one-time purchase, and you will always get new content. Right now, I have no date set for that version.

OK, thanks (sorry for asking stupid questions, I'm not really familiar with Patreon, and I definately want to get the plus version at some point, I just wanted to know what to expect with the Patreon)

No problem! Basically you can only pledge for a month if that's what you like, you'll get access to everything from that month (at the moment, it's Neil and Dimitri's full route + Caine's chapters 1-4, January it will be Caine's chapters 1-8).

Keeping the pledge means more content each new month :)