Dimitri's route complete for Patrons

Dimitri's route is now officially complete and playable for Monthly Pass Plus holders on Patreon! The epilogue contains some sexy moments with Dimitri. Plus supporters can also enjoy Caine's first two chapters.

Monthly Pass Normal supporters will have to wait until December to play Dimitri's epilogue. Free players will have to wait until January to receive the next Tailor Tales update.

Can't wait? Check out the Patreon!

Can't wait to finally update the game for the public release in January so you can all enjoy Dimitri's route :)

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I ave played only a little of this game But I LOOOVVVEEE It! It popped my Romance VN cherry. I really would love to become a Patron but there was a time i tracked down every one of it's social media and I was convinced you had forgotten about it, i'm glad you came back! If you stay and are consistant, then I will become one because I simply love it that much but please if you come back.. stay and finish through the end! Because I neeeeeeeeed to meet the other guys already!


I have rebooted TT through the years indeed, but this time I'm staying :)

I have been working on it for two years now and have completed two routes (that's 200k words, 20 CGs + all other related art such as sprites and background). Currently in the middle of working on the third with an update every month!

Either way, I hope you'll play the free version that's coming out in January if you don't intend to pledge :D

I know the feeling. I have a book on wattpad I've been writing on and off for a couple of years and I spent all day on it today intending to finally finish it once and for all. and I'd love to play it in January! I can't wait!


Hello there! I just wanted to show up to tell you that this game is so good!

I played the demo and I just finished Neil's route. oH BOI THAT WAS LIKE A ROLLERCOASTER. I enjoyed the back story of Niel with the main character when they were little, and I loved the story of them. My heart was pounding at full speed in every scene and I could feel every feeling. That shy but daring personality contrast of Niel just kept me dying.

Your art is amazing, and the black haired Neil just turned out to be the most cute guy I've ever seen. 

I'm really looking foward the next update! I will start soon Dimitr's route but it's going to be difficult for me to get over Niel's route because it's been one of the best I've ever played in my life


Aw thanks for your comment! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed Neil's route and thought it was very immersive.

I hope you will consider replaying his route in January when the new update is released, Neil's route will have updated CGs, an epilogue, as well as some extra content in a couple of chapters.

Of course, you can pledge to the Patreon and enjoy Neil's full epilogue with a very long sex scene, as well as unlocking his last CG!

Of course I will replay it :D

 I finished playing the Dimitri's route (the first part) and I also loved it! I'll also try to take a look on your Patreon.

Anyways, see you on the next update :D

Im having an issue where I cant continue the game until i complete the clients request for red capri pants and a gingham pattern. i bought every shade of grey and red i can find and the gingham pattern  and nothing matches up to what the client wants and i can not continue on to dimitris story

Make sure you're giving the pattern the right colour, and don't have it switched around with the base colour of the pants. Sometimes it's hard to tell when it comes to patterns with stripes to see which is the pattern colour and which is the base colour.

So will there be Tailor Tales Plus to buy because I afraid that I wouldn't be able to afford Patreon every month (and I never registered Patreon too), but I really willing to buy the game !


You don't need to be subscribed for every month! Plenty of people just pay for one month to get the goods and then cancel the subscription, which is totally fine :)

Currently Tailor Tales Plus is a Patreon only exclusive. It will be available to purchase on Itch/Steam in the future, but no ETA yet.

So when the public update comes out in January will there be an option to unlock the Plus version?


No, Tailor Tales Plus remains a Patreon exclusive at the moment.

In the future, maybe when Caine is finished, the Plus version will be able to be bought as well.