Patreon launches, get early access to Tailor Tales

The Patreon is finally up!

Pledge now to get early access to Tailor Tales or Tailor Tales Plus. A naked Neil is awaiting you ~

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Deleted 1 year ago

Tailor Tales 1.5 will be released this year still, but later in the year. It will be released when Dimitri's route is fully playable (so all 27 chapters + epilogue). Currently I'm writing the script for his innocent ending, so I'm close to wrapping it up, but it still takes a while to create all of the art for it and add it to the game.

That's why the Patreon is an option; to get early access before the public release.

Also, nice Eggnoid avatar! :D

Thank you for the reply i appreciate it. ;p

Is the plus version of Taylor Tales going to be available to purchase when it's complete?

Yes! Plus will be available when the next public release is out :)

What does 10 dollars +month mean. Does it mean you pay 10 dollars every month?

Yep, Patreon is a subscription plan. However, you're welcome to only pledge for a month, get your rewards, and then unsubscribe.

If you stay subscribed, you will get new updates to the game every month. If you unsubscribe, you only get what was released when you joined that month :)

Here's the Patreon FAQ if you're curious.