Patreon launching in two days!

It's almost there! The Patreon will launch on July 10, and pledging allows you to have early access to Tailor Tales or Tailor Tales Plus!

Finally you can read Neil's steamy epilogue, or Dimitri's current chapters! You no longer have to wait until the public release is updated (the public normal version is still free to play, it will just take longer to update until Dimitri's route is fully finished).

What will be available in early access:

Tailor Tales Normal
Neil: 28 chapters + normal epilogue
Dimitri: 18 chapters  

Tailor Tales Plus
- Neil's route is completely unlocked
- All chapters do not cost gold to continue
- Neil's 10th CG
Neil: 28 chapters + longer epilogue with erotica
Dimitri: 21 chapters (+ erotica)

The game will update every month with new content, so stay subscribed! Next bachelor is Caine and his first chapter is currently being beta tested, Patrons who pledge for the Plus version will be able to play Caine's first chapter in August :D

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If you can do a Linux version,I will pledge for sure ^^

This will be Windows only, no other OS, unfortunately.

Okay  ^^

Good Luck!