Tailor Tales 1.5 is being tested

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Version 1.5 is currently being tested by beta testers. It has Neil's full route (including the Plus epilogue), as well as Dimitri's chapters 1 through 23. At the moment, there is 180k words available to read in version 1.5. I may add in Caine's first chapter as well.

Changelog from 1.5:
- New logo
- Dark brown hair for the MC has been replaced by the colour teal
- Improved the way CGs are displayed, which also fixed a bug where blinking eyes would not get erased after the CG was over
- The gallery works a lot better now, you can cycle in between alternate versions
- Remade the entire menu, fixed a few bugs and made it prettier
- Remade the beginner tutorial
- Quick Save & Quick Load are now available during chapters
- You can now load from your manual save, or quick save. Manual saves are your bread and butter, so don't forget to save!
- Added soundbites for Markus and Evelin
- Added Neil's epilogue as well as Plus epilogue
- Added Dimitri's chapters 8 – 23
- Added Dimitri's CG 3 - 5
- Neil gets one extra CG in chapter 21
- Added several new backgrounds
- Added a few new hairstyles and clothing items
- Updated and tweaked several portraits, CGs, backgrounds etc.
- There's now a close-up version of the character sprites, meaning kissing scenes have become more intimate and immersive
- The MC's mother now has a black sprite in scenes
- Yes, there is thrusting action in the Plus epilogue

Some new screenshots:

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I can't wait!!! This game is amazing. I wasn't sure if I would like it, since I've never been a huge fan of making clothes and dressing up characters, but I absolutely love it. The stories are so well written, the characters are great, and designing clothes, especially during freestyle, is so much fun. I'm so excited to have more! You are incredible, I can't wait. 

this game is rlly good!!! is rlly enjoyable, i rlly like making the clothes and dressing the character up!! i hope caine arrives in this version, i rlly like his design~! you're doing a gr8 job!!

I've been followong this game since it was available on itch, let me tell you I have never been more excitied about a games updates before. I absolutley adore the characters and the artwork! The story line for Dimitri is SO adorable so far and I cannot wait to finish it! Also really looking forward for everything else doen the line with this game and whatever else you come out with! Keep up the fantastic work!

Aw, thanks! Glad to see another Dimitri fan, despite the limited content that is available. You'll be happy to hear I recently finished the script for his passionate ending (still have his innocent ending left to do). I'm working hard to finalize his route :)

Ah, I can't wait to keep playing Dmitri's route. I absolutely love this game, and I can't wait for the v1.5 release. You have been a huge inspiration for me and my best friend (we are slowly trying to piece together a game), so thank you so much for all of your amazing work and lovely writing style!

I like the teal hair color, but my hair is dark brown and the color I like to use. Is there anyway it can come back or is it just no?

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Dark brown was too similar to regular brown :( I figured if I'm going to offer different hair colours, I should at least do colours that all look distinct from each other.

So I won't be bringing back dark brown, you'd have to use regular brown. It doesn't look too bad in CGs. Having every hair colour available for CGs would just bring down production time for me, I do have to impose limits.

Do note this is only for the CGs; you can still have dark brown hair when you dress up your avatar. But the colours for CG are as follows:
- Brown
- Blonde
- Black
- White
- Red
- Teal

Yay! I'm so excited to continue Dimitri's story! :3 Lowkey hoping there'll be some chance to meet the douchebag older brother ex-boyfriend and give him a piece of my mind -.^ 


Alex will return! It wouldn't really be a younger brother story if the older brother didn't show up sometime :P

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Truer words were never spoken! I love this game so much T_T It literally has all my favourite elements - plucky MC, believable and slow burning romances, amazing dialogue, mini-games, CG's, gorgeous romantic interests, character customisation, diverse and distinct personalities, freedom of choice to be as sarcastic and snarky as you want without being booted to the bad ending, beautiful art... You might just be my favourite game developer ever and I am so so excited to continue this story *_* 


Aww thanks for all of the compliments! I'm hard at work finishing Dimitri's route :D

Why don't you join the Discord and fangirl with the others? I sometimes post spoilers there ;)

All well deserved, I promise you! ^_^ Alright, just got on :D Commence fangirling!