Savings & more CGs

Figured I may as well post a development update here. For frequent updates, check out the blog!

A missing feature that's a staple in any Visual Novel: saving and loading when reading the story. You can now quick save and quick load while reading chapters. This feature wasn't innate in the engine I'm using, so my programmer had to script one. It's still buggy, namely character sprites disappear when you reload until they change expressions again. Hopefully we can work out the kinks and get it to work smoothly.

More CGs!
There was a scene in Dimitri's route that was perfect for a CG. Unfortunately, I had already planned out all of his CGs (there's a max of 8 CGs, with the 9th showing in the Tailor Tales+ epilogue), so I couldn't add it. I've decided to increase the amount of CGs the bachelors have from 8 to 9 (in total that's 10 if you count TT+ epilogue). That means, Neil gets a new CG in chapter 20!

Here's a sneak peek of the sketch phase... I don't wan to spoil much ;) it is already finished though, and it is the most complex CG until now. Joselina (the MC) has her eyes open, and they can blink in 8 different colours!

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