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Alright, after the last poll, the majority would want me to finish Dimitri's story first. Then there are also people who'd like for Dimitri's story to be released all at once, which could be an option.

So I've been thinking and weighing my options: I enjoy releasing updates so that I can get feedback and polish the story in between chapters. However, I get that most people would like to play it all in one go.

In the past, Tailor Tales has been an open beta where anyone could play and leave behind feedback that would help me improve Tailor Tales. The game has progressed immensely since the first release and right now all of the core mechanics are in place, there's really only more story updates + clothing updates which are easy to do.

Therefor, I think it's best if I closed the beta at this point. A set amount of people will be getting the beta releases to test and leave feedback on, which I could use to polish the story and improve the game. When all of the chapters have been beta-tested for the current character (which would be Dimitri at the moment), I will release an update to the public so that people can play the story in one go.

This does mean I need a dedicated set of beta testers, and fans will have to wait a while before the next bachelor is released.

Are you okay with reading chapters every couple of months or so, getting a head start on everyone else, and do you want to help beta test the game?

Then click here apply to be a closed beta tester!


I will need around 10 or so beta testers, so if you want to get early access to the next Tailor Tales update, go ahead and sign up :)

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There is not a single instance where the sentence "rain down on my parade" is included in Neil's route, so I'm unsure which sentence you're referring to! Chapter 25 doesn't have a single instance of the word 'rain' nor 'parade' either.

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