Mac version out!

Mac version is finally out, enjoy everyone! :)


Tailor Tales Old Mac 350 MB
Version 1 Dec 05, 2017

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Hey! I was wondering how I update this. Do I just download the new file? Will it overwrite? I don't understand.


If you have the itch app, then it would have updated automatically. However, you probably don't, so you need to delete your old game and download this new one (your save progress is lost).


Great work! Can't wait for the other guys!!!


Failed to load: img/pictures/BG_boutique_floor_01.png 


Hey! Can you tell me where and when in the game this error occurred?

Yes, it happens as soon as you open the game, might have to do with the image's name or something.

Did you delete the previous version (1.3), and are playing 1.4 as a fresh start? Attempting to import your save file of the previous version will cause errors.

Yaaay! I've been waiting for this!