Tailor Tales beta 1.4 released

– Music has been replaced (with a couple of exceptions)
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t complete random clients sometimes
– Fixed a bug in Outfit with the trash icon appearing on the remove icon
– Added in more important clients
– Added in the Decorate option
– Overhauled the menu, you can now re-read chapters and switch characters much more smoothly
– The game autosaves after using Design & Outfit, and will ask you if you want to save after each chapter
– A few graphical updates to certain characters
– There are now bundles for colours and patterns, so you don’t have to buy them one by one anymore. Just look for Bundles in the shop
– Neil’s chapters 26 and 27 for both Passionate and Innocent were added
– Dimitri’s chapter 7 added
– 3 new CGs
– Several new backgrounds
– More patterns added
– Several new shoes
– Several new hairstyles
– Backgrounds now blur whenever a character is up close to you
– Added another special effect for backgrounds (fog)
– Added the option to select white hair for CGs
– Gold adjustments. It’s easier to earn money now and chapters won’t have a huge spike when changing characters anymore.

Alright, lots of things were added! Sorry for the delay, it was a big update.

In this update, the game will ask you to save after completing a chapter, and it will autosave after you come out of Design or Outfit. While people like manually saving, too many people were forgetting to save, so I needed a solution. I feel like this is the best of both worlds. The autosave on Design & Outfit is forced because otherwise the game might get errors due to people creating/deleting clothes and then exiting the game without saving.

Decorate The option to decorate your boutique has finally been added! You can buy furniture, wallpaper and flooring in the shop. Click the Decorate option to change your boutique. This background will show up in the story! Speaking of backgrounds, they will now blur whenever a character is up close to you. It’s a subtle effect, but I like it :)

Menu overhaul The previous menu was very buggy (especially with CGs), but it should now work a lot better. You can now select which chapter you want to re-read (if you’ve unlocked them). 1.3.1 Beta players will have all of the previous beta chapters unlocked. You can also change the MC’s appearance and name as well at any point in your playthrough.

Neil’s ending
We’re here! Neil’s route was released in late February, and now, we’ve finally reached his ending. Chapter 26 and chapter 27 have two versions: Passionate and Innocent. Whatever your Fierce or Kind points were, that’s what ending you’ll read. The game will ask if you’d like to read the other ending, for those that are completionists and want to see all of the CGs. Remember you’ll still have to pay for it or complete important client’s requests. This update does not include the epilogue! That would be the final chapter for Neil. Other notes With all of these additions Tailor Tales is very close to demo status, or should I say, to completed status? As soon as Neil’s route is finished, and all the major features are included in the game – the only thing that’s left are adding in other routes, and updating the game with more clothing items. This also means your save files can be imported from the previous build – no more losing your progress!

Of course, the game won’t be officially complete until all 6 guys have been added, but I basically consider them add-ons. I will look into creating an updater for the game so you can import updates whenever one is available, so that you won’t lose your in-game progress.

Thank you to everyone who’s been following Tailor Tales and supporting it, it means a lot to me.

Quick bug fix:
If anyone downloaded the game before reading this, then you got a version where you cannot finish the important dresses needed to pass Neil's chapter 26. Please download this file here and replace it in your Tailor Tales > www > Data folder. You do not need to create a new game for it to work. If you downloaded the game after seeing this messages, you don't need to worry about anything :)


Tailor Tales Beta v 1.4 Windows 346 MB
Version 5 Nov 17, 2017
Tailor Tales Beta v 1.4 Windows 346 MB
Version 1 Nov 15, 2017

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