Tailor Tales beta 1.0 is out now!

Tailor Tales Beta 1.0

This is the first official Tailor Tales beta! There's so much new content added that I felt confident enough to call it beta 1.0 instead of 0.3.

- Dimitri's route has been added! You can now read his first two chapters
- Added Dimitri's & Alex's portrait
- Added Neil's chapters 1 through 18 (16k+ words added from the previous beta). Total word count 41k
- Settings in the menu is now clickable for the following:

  • A CG gallery
  • Character information
  • Save button
  • Music button
  • Chapter jumping
  • FAQ

- Tailoring system now has the following:

  • Tops can be created
  • Skirts can be created
  • Dresses can be created
  • Bottoms can be created

- Dress-up system also added
- Character creation added (this will influence your CGs)
- Added a way to take screenshots using PRNTSCR, these will be stored in a Screenshots folder
- Removed multiple save files, creating only a single save file
- Added weather effects

Things that still aren't added:
- Decorating
- Shopping
- The ability to make jackets
- Designing clothes for clients and earning money and experience
- Accessories such as glasses/hats etc.

In this beta, you are in God Mode, all chapters, items, patterns, colours, hairstyles etc. will be available to you from the beginning to test.

I tried my best to keep it bug free, but considering how complex the new tailoring system has become, bugs will eventually happen. You may crash upon clicking on Design or Outfit, or it may not load the entire way. Older computers with low RAM may not be able to handle the designing or dress-up part at all.

If you encounter any bugs, please show me a screenshot and let me know what you were doing before the bug happened so I can replicate it.

With that said - happy testing! This has been a huge release, and I'm very excited to see people play it.

Some ideas for you to create:
- Create your favourite Disney princess
- Create your favourite anime/videogame/movie character
- Create yourself

Please take a screenshot using the camera icon in the top left corner when dressing up your avatar, and share this image with us! The image can be found in your Screenshot folder :)

And as for waiting so long for this beta release, I added an extra: Dimitri's first two chapters are available! Just go to your menu, click characters, select Dimitri, and click on "read his story" so that you'll switch to him. The game will automatically ask if you want to switch to Dimitri's route after reaching chapter 18 on Neil.

Questions for those that have played the beta:
1. Are you enjoying Neil's route, do you still like him/hate him?
2. What are your thoughts on Dimitri's first two chapters? Do you want to read more?
3. Who's your favourite guy out of Neil and Dimitri? Or perhaps Alex?
4. What's your favourite CG?
5. What's your favourite chapter or scene?
6. Which part was the most romantic to you?
7. Out of all of the side characters, is there anyone you would want as a date option?
8. Were you able to create clothing using the "Design" button?
9. Did you encounter any bugs while designing?
10. Were you able to dress up your avatar using the "Outfit" button?
11. Was everything easy to use, or were the menus too complicated?
12. Last question; did you have fun!? :D


Tailor Tales v 1.0.rar 398 MB
May 22, 2017

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I really appreciate that you put so much effort into the game and you plan to make it so long and complex!Will the final version be free?

Thanks! The game will be free to download and play all of the guys' routes :)

Although maybe in the future you could show your support by donating and getting some exclusive DLC clothing items perhaps.

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but does Beta 1.0 include the ending for Neil?

I love the game by the way, though I haven't tried this Beta yet. Can't wait for more updates! I'm gana play this Beta once I submit the post!

Neil's story has about 29 chapters, the beta includes 18 of them, so no, his ending isn't included yet! I'm slowly adding more chapters with each beta :)

Ah! I see! i didn't know the total number of chapters he was supposed to have! Thank you so much for answering! Didn't mean to rush you (^^")

Oh no...it won't run on my computer and I MUST know what happens next w/ Neil! The agony! (jk)


Really sorry about that! Try this link if you can, I'm hoping this one will work.

TY! But umm i got a 404 saying it got deleted...

Yep, I had to pull it. Basically, it's a disaster D:

I'm working hard to get a working version out ASAP. The issue stems from the fact that the encryption is so good it cannot load its own files (lol).

Ahh i thought i was just dumb lol!

TY sorry to keep bothering u!

Take your time we're all just excited thats all, you're doing great!